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CES Workshop Fund

The CES invites applications for workshop funding twice a year. The aim is that members, particularly student members, can organise regional meetings, working groups, side events at the meetings of other scientific societies, and other activities. The purpose of such events should be in line with the aims of the CES. For example, events should aim to encourage the dissemination of research findings, to provide networking or training opportunities between members, or to bring cultural evolutionary research to wider or new audiences through research-based engagement activities.

Funding will normally be reserved for workshops and events that would not be able to take place without the CES’s support. Accordingly, funding would normally be allocated to new or stand-alone events that take place outside of existing meetings (including that of CES). Symposia or panels within existing meetings will not be eligible for funding.  

Applications should be made by a dues-paying member of the society on the application form. Events with an organising committee should nominate a lead applicant to be the correspondent. Applications will be independently peer-reviewed by two assessors, and the Executive Committee will allocate funding subject to available supporting funds in the Treasury. We will aim to notify applicants as rapidly as possible.

We have held back the April 2020 fund against contingencies for CES2020 due to coronavirus. We expect that our next call will be October 2020.

Funding will be subject to the following conditions:

  • The maximum amount that can be requested per application will be $1000USD.

  • The event must be held between 3-12 months after the application deadline.

  • Funding will be limited to reimbursement of actual expenditure on items such as room hire, travelling expenses, promotion, printing of materials, refreshments. All costs must be itemised, and receipts obtained.

  • Any promotional or event literature, including websites, should mention the support of the CES, and include a link to the CES website

  • Events are subject to a Conference Code of Conduct. A customisable pro-forma is available from the CES, and Executive members can advise on its adaptation and implementation.

  • Within one month of the event, organisers will provide a one-page report to the Executive Committee, via the Secretary. This will be disseminated to CES members via the monthly newsletter and website.

Queries, and applications, should be sent to the CES Secretary ([email protected]).